Medical Department

Ramzan Walfare Trust

Ramzan Walfare Trust


                     Life is nothing more then any thing,For quality of life care,we are offering free medical services under the highly qualified doctor in a very low price and every person can get medical treatment from him in only 30 Rupees.

In this expensive life time we are providing medical and diagnosis services in a very low cost of having 30 rupees per patient,in the private sector there is not any institute that provide the medical services in a very low price.

Not Only medical services we are also providing free of cost medicine to the poor and needy peoples and there are also helping then in the shape of minor procedures in a low cost of medical services availability.

There is also some medical camps are to be arraigned in which there is general tests like diabetes and culustrol is checked and treated free of cost and these are to be under supervision of Ramzan Welfare Trust Hospital

There are More then 90 patients that are diagnosed and treated every day and they get well by the blessing of Allah almighty and Ramzan Welfare Trust Hospital and the well treated patient recommend our organization to avail our quality services.

Early developing medical section, we have dedicated and qualified doctors who treat different disease like Heart liver, Venter, Jaundice, asthma and paralysis patients in just Rs.30 fee they also provide free check and free medicine that they deserve.  Instead of other hospitals qualified doctors charged 1000 to 2000 free charges exclusive of medicines.