Free Camps

Ramzan Welfare Hospital Trust Organize various free of cost Medical, Gyne And Eye camps in which there is high cost test like diabetes and cholesterol test are to be conducted without of any cost and that help to save the life.

Medical Camps are organized to serve the needy and poor peoples, these camps help the poor peoples that cannot afford the high-quality testing and diagnosing, there are with these tests the hidden causes that leads to savoir problems to discover and help them to make medication before the time. Save the patients from the bad consequences and that stops from death.

Free Medication

There is as all patients are to be needy and poor Ramzan Welfare trust provide free of cost medicine to the needy and poor patients and that help them to recover form the disease and help them from various harmful consequences

Ramzan Welfare Trust sends a group of volunteers every month to perform 3-4 free medical relief camp in urban, rural and remote areas, where the patients have no access to hospital and have no source to afford medical facilities. In relief camps we provide free check up, free medicine and free test.