Ramzan Welfare Trust

Ramzan Welfare Trust


Ramzan Welfare Trust is established in 2015 under kind supervision of Allama Muhammad Ramzan sb. This is a Non-Profit Organization Doing work for the peoples of Pakistan for their social and healthcare related issues.

Ramzan Welfare Trsut Hospital is to be established in 14 August 2015 for the better health and facilities in low cast and giving them the best Medical Treatment

There is kind person who is doing work for the look after of the organization who took

Abu Ubaida Noor Hussain

Abu Ubaida Noor Hussain is the chairman of Ramzan Welfare Trust Hospital

look after of the daily operations and also work for getting Doctor’s in time and different type of hospital staff which is helpful for the conduction daily OPD.

All type of quality medicines are to be purchased and presented to patient there is all work is done by chairman.

He is also look after the Madrasa where there are more then 300+ students who are getting religious education in this institute and we deliver with a kind and in 100 percent free of cost and different Religious teachers are doing this job in an educated and peace manner.

Ramzan Welfare Trust is Non-Profitable and humanity service Organization was established in April 2015. This trust works without any discrimination of caste, religion and creed. The main purpose of this organization is provide  free medical care, free eye treatment, and free Gynecologist services for 24 hours, As well as distributes free ration to poor families on monthly basis. They have also arranged free camp in urban and rural areas, where the patients have no access to hospital and have no recourses to afford medical facilities. Ramzan trust is providing free meals, twice a day, daily to people. It is not only poor people, but also as those families who survive with difficulty. However, Ramzan Welfare Trust works in all humanitarian filed.